Transport of goods with controlled temperature

Transport of goods with controlled temperature

Vehicles intended for the transport of goods at controlled temperatures require a fully insulated transport unit. These trucks have many components that provide refrigeration. Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator. Refrigeration systems must ensure efficient operation at ambient temperatures.

This must be done at a stable internal temperature, depending on the nature of the product being transported. To facilitate correct operation, the merchandise must be refrigerated at the time of shipment, regardless of the type of refrigeration used. This is because getting goods into vehicles at higher temperatures requires more energy and therefore higher energy costs. refrigeration system.

Most temperature controlled cargo shipments use special equipment for this purpose. Truck-mounted mechanical refrigeration systems have different refrigeration capacities. As already mentioned, the main objective is to keep the temperature of the product under control at all times. Therefore, some vehicles use low capacity fans to circulate the air and maintain the temperature.

Some specific features of this type of truck used for refrigerated transport are: The interior must be sealed and made of corrosion resistant material. In other words, it is waterproof. The surface must allow air circulation and it is recommended that the merchandise is not left in contact with the ground and is placed in specific containers. There should be no communication between the unit load and the cabin.

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